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Physicians honored at Uniontown Hospital


Physicians are critical to ensuring the health of their patients, but also to enhancing the good health of a community.

Whether they are working to deliver a newborn, performing laparoscopic surgery, or listening to the beat of a patient’s heart – the doctors at Uniontown Hospital are working every day to provide the best care possible for Fayette County and their patients. 

Uniontown Hospital is proud to acknowledge the excellent service and care provided by the more than 200 physicians working in and with the hospital on this National Doctors’ Day, 2016.

“Annually we formally recognize the healthy difference all of our physicians are making and thank them, but really, this thanks continues throughout the year,” Steve Handy, Uniontown Hospital CEO, said. “Our doctors are some of the very best in their fields and they are part of the foundation that we have built our mission upon – to make a healthy difference in every life we touch.”

National Doctors’ Day is held each year at the end of March to recognize and observe the contributions of physicians to the health and betterment of the nation. From patients in need of emergency care to others seeking orthopedic care at the Hospital’s Joint Replacement Center – physicians are at the forefront of the hospital’s efforts to provide for the health of Fayette County and beyond.

Executive Director of Medical Services, Dr. Linda Burstynowicz, said that that the annual Doctors’ Day celebration was once again extended to a week of recognition at Uniontown Hospital to ensure all doctors know how valued they are.

“Our doctors are committed and dedicated to the vision we have of providing comprehensive and convenient care for our community,” Burstynowicz said. “We are so very thankful for all their efforts and for their resolve in making Uniontown Hospital an example of what community hospitals can achieve.”

She said that as part of the hospital’s thanks, a reception is being held Wednesday evening at Duck Hollow for hospital physicians.

Outpatient Services Executive Director Mark Dillon said that he is reminded daily of the exceptional standards that physicians at Uniontown Hospital are committed to.

“Physicians dedicated to the needs of our patients are vital to providing the care that our community has come to depend on us for and that is what we have with our exceptional medical staff here,” Dillon said. “Seeing that commitment from physicians is an inspiration to all our team.”

While the practice of observing Doctors’ Day dates back to the Great Depression, it was first officially recognized by U.S. Congress in 1958. In 1990, with approval from both houses of Congress, President George H.W. Bush signed legislation officially recognizing National Doctors’ Day. 

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