Due to COVID-19, inpatient visitation is restricted to one visitor, per patient, per day. For full details of the visitation policy and additional restrictions, please click here

ALL patients, visitors and staff MUST wear a face covering while in the hospital. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through the challenges presented by COVID-19.

For more facility updates and COVID-19 education, please click here.  

Volunteer Services

Supporting Uniontown Hospital

If you want to make a healthy difference in someone’s life, consider becoming a Volunteer at Uniontown Hospital.  Our Volunteer programs provide various opportunities to interact with patients, visitors and staff.  

A Volunteer adds that special touch, an extra smile and a willing pair of hands to help make a healthy difference in the lives we touch. We offer programs that focus on the patient and visitor experience, hospitality, clerical support for our staff and fundraising. 

In addition to our many adult volunteers, we also are thankful for our group of dedicated young volunteers. Our Junior Volunteer Program, where participants are between the ages of 14 to 18 years, help bring a burst of vitality to the hospital.

The Junior Volunteer Program helps to teach responsibility, fosters professional skills and provides on-the-job experience to examine careers in the health care field.  Most importantly, it gives young people an opportunity to share their time and talents with others.

Whatever your interest, we'll try to match it to ours. We can help you give the greatest gift of all, You!

If you would like to apply to volunteer at Uniontown Hospital, please review the steps to becoming a Volunteer. The volunteer opportunities are endless. We offer a variety of volunteer experiences based on your personal interests and talents.  


Volunteer With Uniontown Hospital

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all volunteer activities have been suspended until further notice. Any volunteer applications received will be reviewed and considered when normal activities resume.

The first step in becoming a Uniontown Hospital volunteer is to complete application & reference form and return by:

Uniontown Hospital Volunteer Services
500 W. Berkeley Street
Uniontown, PA  15401

FAX:  724-430-8631


Reference and Criminal Background Check
To assure the safety of our patients and visitors, the second step is a reference and criminal background check. All references will be mailed a questionnaire regarding the applicant and a criminal background check is conducted. Upon receipt of at least two positive references and a clear criminal record, you will then be invited to attend the next scheduled Volunteer Orientation. Orientation lasts approximately two hours and is held at Uniontown Hospital. Junior Volunteers must be accompanied by an adult. 


Scheduling and Training
After completing the orientation process, and receiving TB test, ID Badge and uniform, you will be ready to start as a scheduled volunteer. Additional training will be provided by the unit/department in which you volunteer.

Please note that Uniontown Hospital does not accept volunteers for court mandated volunteer hours. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all volunteer activities have been suspended until further notice.

Volunteer opportunities abound at Uniontown Hospital. We offer a variety of volunteer experiences based on your personal interests and skills.

Patient and Visitor Experience

Comfort Cart

Put your people skills to work as you round the hospital with our Comfort Cart distributing complimentary writing supplies, cards, newspapers, magazines and puzzle books while you interact with patients and families within the hospital.   

WILL Ride Campus Shuttle Driver

Shuttle drivers make a healthy difference for our patients and visitors by providing rides to and from the Main Entrance and visitor parking lots. 




Our Concierge/Patient Transport volunteers work directly with patients and our visitors, by assisting with wheelchair transportation to various locations and services within the hospital.


Being greeted by a friendly “Hello” can make a difference to a patient or their family.  Our Greeters are at the Information Desk in the main lobby and in the Emergency Department waiting room as well as the registration area of both the hospital and the Outpatient Diagnostic Center. 

Music Program

Are you blessed with the ability to play a keyboard or piano?  If so, come be part of our music program.  Our Volunteers play music during the lunch hour from a keyboard in the chapel, located on the main floor of the hospital.  It is a welcomed sound echoing through the main concourse. 



Participate in one of the many fundraising activities that our Volunteers have throughout the year.  Our ticket sales benefit various programs for the hospital.  

Festival of Trees

Basket Bonanza

Jewelry Sales

Handbag Sale

Pirates Ticket Sale

and many more...


For additional information on volunteering please call us at 724-430-5671 or email us at