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New Technology at WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital Provides Advanced Seizure Detection, Monitoring


Uniontown, PA — Patients at WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital are now able to receive advanced seizure detection and care thanks to the hospital’s new Ceribell technology.

The Ceribell point-of-care EEG, which the hospital acquired in November 2023, allows clinicians to provide advanced neurological care and accurate diagnostics, allowing them to quickly identify and treat seizure activity.

Equipped with Clarity, a machine learning algorithm that interprets EEG signals, the Ceribell system provides rapid access to accurate neurodiagnostic information, including bedside alerts and continuous EEG monitoring. The easy-to-use, portable system has already ruled out seizures in numerous patients, preventing unnecessary transfers, medications, and ICU admissions.

“Introducing this technology signifies a leap forward in our neurologic care capabilities and is a testament to our commitment to keeping patients close to home,” said Chief Medical Officer at WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital, Ziad Dimachkie. “By identifying clinically silent seizures on-site, we reduce the need for patient transfers, ensuring that our community members receive the advanced care they deserve right here. This capability aligns with our mission to provide comprehensive healthcare within the community, fostering a sense of comfort and familiarity for our patients throughout their medical journey."

Since acquiring the new technology, Uniontown Hospital clinicians have been able to provide advanced neurological care to nearly 40 patients and treat seizure activity in more than 25% of the patients who were tested. Without Ceribell, those seizures may have gone undetected.

In addition to enhancing patient care, providers are working more efficiently and effectively with the 24/7 on-demand access to EEG results that Ceribell delivers.

“With the integration of Ceribell at WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital, we are expanding our advanced neurologic services here in Fayette County and the region,” Dimachkie said. “This point-of-care EEG device empowers our healthcare professionals to identify clinically silent seizures swiftly, ensuring timely and targeted interventions. Ceribell becomes a crucial tool in the arsenal of cutting-edge technology at Uniontown Hospital. This allows us to not only detect seizures but secure better prognoses and improved quality of life for those under our care."

The Ceribell system is in use at hundreds of hospitals across the U.S., including most major hospital networks and more than half of the U.S. News and World Report top hospitals. To date, Ceribell has helped manage care for approximately 100,000 patients.