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Milestone delivery for Uniontown Hospital physician

Dr. Daniel Nahhas holds newborn Lucas Rubish.

By Tara Rack-Amber


Five thousand cries. Five thousand first breaths. Five thousand new families started or families grown.

Each one of these 5,000 elements come together to culminate in the 5,000th baby delivered by Dr. Daniel Nahhas, OBGYN, at the Family Beginnings Birth Center at Uniontown Hospital since 2003.

“I love to see the joy I see on the family’s face,” he said. “I like to see them happy with a new baby.”

Recently, Nahhas delivered Lucas Rubish, his 5,000th baby, at Uniontown Hospital.

Lucas was born to parents Heather and Michael Rubish of Perryopolis. The parents also have two sons, Michael, 4, and Logan, 3, who were also delivered by Nahhas.

“It was exciting. I really wanted Dr. Nahhas to deliver (Lucas) because he did the other two,” said Heather about her son being the 5,000th baby delivered by Nahhas.

When Nahhas entered the Rubish’s room, he seemed to have a calming influence over Lucas.

“I think it is my effect. Every time I come in, he is sleeping,” he said with a laugh.

Nahhas graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1990 and completed his first residency at AM University in 1993. When he came to the United States of America he was required to complete a residency within the country. He first interned at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in 1995 and in 1997 completed his residency at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Over the years he has witnessed a lot of changes take place at the Family Beginnings Birthing Center including a complete refurbishment and update of the center and new guidelines for mother and baby.

“It is just about complying with UPMC recommendations,” said Nahhas.

Nahhas, whose practice is partnered with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, has enforced new protocol when it comes to cesarean sections.

“We can induce [labor] before 40 weeks only if medical intervention is indicated,” said Nahhas. “No requests (to be induced).”

For Nahhas, his job is not done when the baby is delivered. His thoughts often remain with the family and the new baby he helped guide into this world.

“Ninety-five percent of the babies are healthy and don’t need [medical attention]. Only 5 percent need oxygen,” he said. “I have had so many sleepless nights because babies are sick.”

After delivering more than 5,000 babies, Nahhas offers mothers-to-be the biggest piece of advice he can give.

“I wish all of [the mothers would] read the packet we give them on what they can take and what not to take (medication wise),” said Nahhas. “Just listen to the physician.”

Nahhas said that he has had to tell mothers to not make decisions that could jeopardize the health of the baby, like jump on a trampoline while pregnant or prolong going to the hospital despite high blood pressure because they wanted to attend a sporting event.

While the 5,000 deliveries had an impact on Nahhas, it has also impacted the lives of the families that he has helped grow.

“Everything went really well,” said Michael about Lucas’ delivery. “Everyone was wonderful.”

“I am so proud of this accomplishment for Dr. Nahhas. He works very hard for our hospital and the women in this community. It is nice to see him recognized and for him to reach this milestone,” said Lea Walls, clinical director, Family Beginnings Birthing Center.

For those babies who live in the Uniontown area, Nahhas has had the opportunity to watch them grow.

“I do see them out and about,” he said. “It is a small town.”

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