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Hospital opens renovated Second Floor

Pediatrician, Dr. David Patton, sits in the all new Playroom on the new Pediatrics Unit at Uniontown Hospital.

Uniontown Hospital has announced the completion of a $2.2 million renovation project to the Second Floor of the facility that will now house the hospital’s Clinical Decision Unit (CDU), as well as an all new Pediatrics Unit and Infusion Service Center.  

Moving from the First Floor, the newly redesigned CDU features 19 private patient rooms.

According to CDU Clinical Director Sue Milsom, the unit is specifically designed for patients that require additional testing to determine if they should be admitted to the facility for treatment and care or if they should be discharged.

“The CDU allows physicians and clinical staff to keep a closer eye on patients and run additional testing while maintaining a higher level of care,” Milsom said.

Also featured on the floor is a new, 10-room Pediatrics Unit.

This new department is equipped with all private rooms and also has a separate, private treatment room.

The unit also has a game room with multiple videogame systems available for pediatric patients and a more traditional playroom.

And, the floor is rounded out with a brand new Infusion Service Center.

This new department will provide a location for blood and blood related infusion services, iron treatment and cryotherapy.

“This is a unique unit that will allow for a calm and relaxing atmosphere for our infusion patients,” said Milsom, who also oversees Infusion Services. “The area has four recliners, each with individual patient TVs that allow for privacy while these treatments are conducted.”

The renovations required the temporary closure of the majority of the second floor, while construction crews outfitted the area for each service line.

Executive Director of Critical Care Services and Patient Flow, Sandy Thorpe, said that the temporary closure of the area was worth it as the construction has resulted in new health care options in these service lines for local patients.

“This renovated area provides our patients with quality health care options for each of these specialties and give our exceptional staff a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing area to work,” Thorpe said.

Uniontown Hospital CEO Steve Handy agreed, noting that the renovations are another continuation of the commitment of the hospital to provide for the needs of the community.

“Every step we take and every project we commit to have the common goal of providing the best, quality care to our friends, family and neighbors who depend on us,” Handy said. “We truly are dedicated making a healthy difference in all we do and this is another extension of that commitment.”  

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