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Hospital introduces Interventional Radiology services

Uniontown Hospital Interventional Radiologist, Dr. Sam Fadl

Uniontown Hospital is now offering expanded Interventional Radiology services – providing Fayette County residents with a close-to-home alternative to traditional surgery for some procedures.

Interventional radiology utilizes digital imaging to perform minimally invasive procedures that then diagnose or treat diseases. It is possible to use this technology to repair the body with only tiny incisions or even with no incisions at all.

This specialized service can be performed to diagnose or treat many health-related conditions.

“With this advanced service available right here at Uniontown Hospital, we are going to continue to transform patient care for Fayette County residents,” Executive Director of Clinical Operations at Uniontown Hospital, Mark Dillon, said.    

Interventional Radiology benefits include:

·         Less trauma to the body in comparison with traditional surgery

·         Shorter recovery periods

·         Less pain

·         Lower costs when compared with traditional surgery

“Our patients will be able to recover more rapidly and with reduced pain. We want to make things as smooth and pain-free as possible. These services allow us to do that,” said Mandy Kooser, Administrative Director of Diagnostic Imaging at Uniontown Hospital.

Under the medical direction of Interventional Radiologist Dr. Sam Fadl, the hospital performs epidural steroid injections (ESI), Infusaports, biopsies, arthrograms, thoracentesis, paracentesis, aspirations and joint injections.

 “Our goal is to be able to offer procedures and minimally invasive surgeries that were once unavailable to the community, including advanced cancer treatments, spine and vascular procedures,” Fadl said. “This will allow the people of Fayette County to receive care at the highest level and comparable to the best hospitals in the nation.”

As the subspecialty continues to expand, Kooser said that Interventional Radiology will eventually include added treatments for some cancer patients, osteoporotic patients, and patients suffering chronic back pain. 

“Providing the best care we can to ensure the health of our community is at the heart of our mission,” Uniontown Hospital CEO Steve Handy said. “Through these enhanced and added services we can continue to make a healthy difference in the lives that we touch.” 

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