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Hospital partners with YMCA for new cardiac program


Uniontown Hospital and the Uniontown YMCA have joined together to offer a rehabilitation program for area residents recovering from a cardiac event.

The new Cardiac Rehabilitation Maintenance Program, which is being launched this month, was created to specifically assist patients transitioning to a healthier lifestyle following a heart attack or other cardiac problem.

“We know that after having a heart problem it is often frightening and difficult to get into a regular exercise routine,” said Sandy Thorpe, Executive Director of Critical Care Services and Patient Flow at Uniontown Hospital said. “With the addition of this new program, we hope we can ease those fears and assist our patients taking those first steps toward a healthier life.”

Patients will participate in the program at the Uniontown YMCA two or three times each week, at the direction of their physician.

“Your doctor will prescribe this rehab program and give you a plan to take with you on your first visit to the YMCA,” Thorpe said.  “There patients will meet with Pam George, the YMCA Wellness Specialist and Trainer, who will explain the exercise machines available and the level of work each machine presents.”

Following that orientation, George and her staff will be available from noon to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday for assistance as needed.

Patients will then document heart rate levels and ‘Rate of Perceived Exertion’ as they progress through the exercises.

George and YMCA staff will provide monthly progress reports to physicians that will allow them to monitor their patients’ progress.  

While some insurance providers will cover the cost of the maintenance program, the YMCA will also offer a 3-month discounted rate for patients enrolled in the program who are not covered by their insurance.

Uniontown Hospital CEO Steve Handy said that the program is another example of the hospital recognizing a need for additional care and partnering with the community to ensure that care is available.

“Our award-winning cardiology team saw a need for a step down maintenance program for our cardiac patients to provide a strong foundation for healthy lifestyle choices,” Handy said. “We are excited to partner with the Uniontown YMCA to make this healthy difference and we are looking forward to continuing to provide the care and services that our patient’s depend on.”

To learn more about the Cardiac Rehabilitation Maintenance Program, please call George, at the Uniontown YMCA at 724-438-2584 ext. 112 or Roseann Neely, RN, Uniontown Hospital Cardiology Department at 724-430-5036.

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