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Hospital launches new online bill pay option


Uniontown Hospital is offering a new option for patients to pay their hospital bills.

Beginning this week, patients who utilize the facility for health services can make payments to the hospital via a new online bill pay option available on the hospital’s website.

“We recognize that convenience and ease are critical to our patients, in all aspects of their care, and that extends to billing and bill pay,” Uniontown Hospital CEO Steve Handy said. “We want patients to have an alternative means to make payments on their accounts from the comfort of their homes or via their mobile devices, if they should choose to do so.”

The system is a centralized payment and notification portal that presents PDF statements to patients electronically and securely, sends notifications of statements via text and email and allows users to submit payments electronically.

“This system is very beneficial from our perspective, as well as our patients,” Uniontown Hospital Revenue Cycle Executive Director Kathy Simpson said. “This feature will allow users access to the most up-to-date account information and provide options for full payments or establish payment plans.”

The system will allow users to take control of their payments and options, with research showing that as many as 70 percent of consumers prefer a self-service payment option.

Beth Sutton, Director of Financial Access and Registration at the hospital, said that patients will be provided with information regarding how to access their statements online, along with traditional paper billing.

Josh Krysak, Director of Community Relations at Uniontown Hospital, said that the system will be incorporated with the hospital’s website and will be included in the main navigation bar at the top of the home page.

“Users will be able to access their statements by clicking on the link in the main navigation and following the instructions provided to them,” he said.

The bill pay option will go live on the hospital’s website on Thursday. 

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