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Hospital completes first floor renovation



All inpatient rooms now private

Uniontown Hospital announced they have completed renovations to patient unit, 1 East, marking the completion of house-wide renovations that have converted all inpatient rooms to fully private.

“When you are sick and you need to recover and rest, you want privacy,” CEO Steve Handy said. “Now, with all of our rooms designed for single patients, we can offer individualized, private care on a level that most community hospitals cannot.” 

The $3 million dollar renovation project features 22 rooms that will be used for oncology, dialysis, med-surg and palliative care patients, according to Executive Director and Chief Nursing Officer Betty Ann Rock.

Rock said that each room is equipped with a dialysis hookup to allow for treatment to be delivered at bedside allowing the patient to remain in their private room and bed, with the dialysis nurse at the bedside. In the past, dialysis patients had been moved from their rooms to a treatment room for dialysis. The move improves safety and increases patient and employee satisfaction, allowing for an ease and continuity of care.

And, 1 East Clinical Director Chris Hair said that the rooms will have a feature that most others in the facility currently do not – cloud lighting.

“There are backlit sections of the ceilings in each room that show images of a cloudy, sunlit blue sky,” Hair said. “We wanted to bring some added comfort to our patients and this was a way to do that.”

The completed renovations to 1 East come less than one year after the facility finished a $2.2 million renovation project to the Second Floor of the facility that now houses the hospital’s Clinical Decision Unit (CDU), Pediatrics Unit and Infusion Service Center.

These renovations to inpatient rooms have continued while a major overhaul of Surgical Services has moved into its third phase and as exterior campus renovations – including parking lot upgrades and a new main entrance – have been completed.

“We are moving forward on many projects, investing our time and energy into providing the best care and convenience for our community,” Handy said. “We are friends, neighbors and family, caring for friends, neighbors and family. We care about making each visit the best possible visit it can be for our patients and their loved ones.”  

The new inpatient unit on 1 East will open the second week in June.


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