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Hospital announces new 3D mammography


Uniontown Hospital will begin providing the most up-to-date 3D digital mammography in the region in October featuring cutting edge technology that offers the most comprehensive breast scans.

The new Genius 3D Mammography that will be utilized by the facility is unique equipment that provides 3D scans for every portion of the breast exam.

“This system is the only one of its kind that offers 3D screening, diagnostic and biopsy capabilities in every phase of the examination,” said Mandy Kooser, Administrative Director of Diagnostic Imaging at Uniontown Hospital. “This technology enhances the clarity of the images and results in fewer unnecessary biopsies and recalls.”

Christy Hayes, Operations Manager of Radiology at the hospital, said that the exams simply provide a more accurate way to check breasts.

“This technology is more likely to get it right the first time,” Hayes said. “It is more accurate than conventional mammograms for women with dense or non-dense breasts, and it can detect breast cancer up to 15 months sooner than conventional methods of testing.”

The new scanning equipment has been installed at the Uniontown Hospital Outpatient Diagnostic Center in South Union Township, and will be installed later in October at the hospital at 500 West Berkeley Street.

“In addition to greater accuracy, we wanted to maintain our convenience for our patients by providing this upgrade in both locations,” Outpatient Services Executive Director Mark Dillon said. “We want to make sure that we are providing the timely and expedient care that our community depends on.”

The Genius 3D Mammography system, manufactured by Hologic, boasts a 5-year breast cancer survival rate of nearly 100 percent when early detection is made and also reduces unnecessary callbacks by as much as 40 percent.

Most importantly, Hayes and Kooser said the exam allows physicians to examine breasts layer by layer with precision and exceptional detail.

“With this technology, every image is 3D allowing for the most accurate review,” Kooser said.

The new mammography technology is part of an organizational effort to meet the needs of Fayette County and part of a concerted effort to strengthen Women’s Services at Uniontown Hospital.

The new system comes as the organization deepens partnerships with UPMC Magee Womens Hospital and following the complete renovation of the Family Beginnings Birthing Center.

“Making a healthy difference in the lives of women in Fayette County is at the forefront of our mission,” Uniontown Hospital CEO Steve Handy said. “Providing the best care we can to ensure the health of our mothers, sisters and daughters is vital to our hospital and our community.” 

The new 3D mammography will be showcased for the public at an Open House at the Outpatient Diagnostic Center located at 150 Wayland Smith Drive near Walmart on Thursday, Sept. 29 from 5 to 8 p.m.


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