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Hospital announces change to Highmark Medicare Coverage


Uniontown Hospital will no longer be accepting Highmark Medicare Advantage Plans, HMOs and PPOs beginning Jan. 1, 2019.

This includes Security Blue, Freedom Blue and Community Blue managed care products. 

This change does not affect any other Highmark plans, including all commercial plans, which remain in network at Uniontown Hospital. 

“We want insurance carriers committed to removing barriers for patients and carriers who advocate the best care,” Uniontown Hospital CEO Steve Handy said. 

Additionally, regardless a patient’s insurance coverage, if you or someone in your family is injured or becomes seriously ill, Uniontown Hospital remains committed to providing emergency care to any person who needs it, regardless of their coverage or ability to pay. 

Letters from Uniontown Hospital will be sent in the coming weeks to plan participants explaining the change and offering a list of alternative insurance providers and plans that would allow them to continue to utilize Uniontown Hospital for their health care needs.

A phone line will also be established to help patients understand the change and address concerns. Open enrollment begins Oct. 15.

What the changes are and how they affect you.


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