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Active Shooter Drill today at Uniontown Hospital


Uniontown Hospital police and staff will host and engage in an active shooter drill at the hospital today, Friday, beginning around 7:45 a.m.

The hospital has worked to craft the drill in conjunction with Uniontown police, the Pennsylvania State police, Fayette County 911, Fayette County Emergency Management Agency, Fayette EMS and other local emergency services to conduct the mock event.

Uniontown Hospital Police Chief John Kaminsky said that the drill has been created to make it as realistic as possible, while maintaining full support and care for hospital patients.

“The reason we even undertake these types of simulated practice sessions all comes back to patient, visitor and staff safety,” Kaminksy said. “These drills allow us to prepare for the worst case scenarios while maintaining the safety and care our patients expect and deserve.”

This is the second county-wide active shooter drill conducted by the hospital in recent years. A large-scale shooting was staged at the facility in the spring of 2015.

The drill will be announced throughout the hospital multiple times prior to occurring and all primary areas where the staged situation will play out will not affect patient care. Additional signage will also be placed inside the hospital alerting visitors to the drill – including on all digital in-monitors and digital signage at the hospital campus to reassure patients and visitors.

Please be advised that this event is only a drill and inform any and all callers regarding this incident, accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact Josh Krysak, director of Community Relations at Uniontown Hospital, at 724-430-8634.

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