Standard Charges for Services

Standard pricing

WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital is a compassionate, dedicated community hospital providing a full range of medical care. We are committed to our mission of providing excellent care to our community. As you chose to seek care with us we want to provide you with a summary of our prices. Historically, our charges have been more reasonable in comparison to hospitals in our region. We are committed to establishing charges in a fair manner that is consistent with the charitable purpose of our hospital.

WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital charges all patients the same for each service but a patient’s responsibility may vary. If you have insurance, out-of-pocket expenses and covered services vary greatly depending on your plan’s coverage. Your health plan should serve as the principal source for information regarding covered services, deductibles, co-insurance and co-pay amounts.

Nearly all major insurance plans are accepted, and we will be happy to handle the paperwork your insurance provider requires.

Accepted insurances include:

  • Highmark
  • UPMC
  • Aetna
  • Gateway 
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • Medicare
  • Medical Assistance
  • CHAMPUS/Tricare
  • Most commercial health plans

For a comprehensive list of payers and health plan names, click here.

If you do not have insurance, Uniontown Hospital has financial assistance options available to you. Patients who are unable to pay or have limited financial means that make it difficult to pay medical bills may be provided for in our charity program and discounts. If you are interested in financial assistance or have questions please contact 724-430-1833.

Hospital Billing Policies




QUESTIONS OR ASSISTANCE REGARDING YOUR BILL:  Please contact the Financial Care Services department at 724-430-5763 or 724-430-5766 to assist you. They can provide information, make payment arrangements or help with billing questions. 

BY PHONE OR IN PERSON: Our Financial Care representatives are available Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The cashier window is located in the Outpatient Registration Area on the Main floor of the Hospital. 

BILLING AND PAYMENTS: We bill your healthcare insurance at no charge. 

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR BILL:  WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital is committed to providing services for our community regardless of their ability to pay. We offer several options to help with these medical bills. Charity care is available to individuals and families whose income meets the criteria. Please call 724-430-5763 or 724-430-5766 to see if you qualify.

OTHER PROVIDERS:  You may receive bills from healthcare providers that assisted in your services at WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital. These providers bill separately for their services. Should you have questions about their bills, contact them directly at the number on their bill or refer to the listing below.

Group Service Phone Number
Emergency Room Management WVU Medicine Professional Services 1-800-541-4009
Foundation Radiology Group Radiology Interpretations   1-800-998-4505
Fayette Physicians Network In House Physicians  1-877-471-0945
Quest Diagnostics, Inc. Pathology Interpretations 1-800-837-3177
Anesthesiology  Anesthesia Administration. 1-888-647-9600

*Consultation fees and your primary physician will incur a separate bill.


Our Hospital's Chargemaster

Uniontown Hospital’s view of Federal Price Transparency Requirements

Although we understand CMS’ intent to promote price transparency and we have provided the required files in the links below, we realize you still may have questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 724-430-4676 so that we can assist with your questions and provide an accurate quote for services or testing of interest to you.

Important Facts about a Hospital’s “Chargemaster”

          •   A chargemaster is a list of medical codes and prices for everything a hospital provides to patients.

          •   Each hospital has its own chargemaster list that is used for billing purposes.

          •   The chargemaster list is not the negotiated price between hospitals and insurers, and it is not the price that most patients would pay for care.

          •   The chargemaster list is not the best tool for patients to figure out the cost of their health care services.

          •   The prices on the chargemaster list are not the actual payment rates that hospitals receive.

          •   Chargemaster prices are almost never the actual amount a patient is responsible for.

How Much Will I Pay?

The best way to understand what you will pay out-of-pocket is to work with your hospital and your insurer. In general:

          •   Individuals with insurance will pay any copayments, coinsurance, or deductible due.

          •   Individuals without insurance might be eligible for financial assistance or charity care, or may be able to receive a reduced price from the hospital.

To view or download our hospital chargemaster in excel format, click here.

To view or download our hospital chargemaster in csv format, click here.

To view or download our hospital's shoppable services in excel format, click here

To view or download our hospital's shoppable services in csv format, click here.